Easter Blooms

Surrounded by flowers and loved ones for the past 48 hours... pretty awesome. We had several Easter parties in need of flowers, so we hit the ground running super early Saturday morning (heavily caffeinated). First thing first, we went to pick out a variety of beautiful flowers that screamed "Hellloooooo Spring!" With so many flowers to choose from, Sherry and I turn into a couple of giddy girls... it's like going shopping for new shoes. We freak out and have to touch everything.

3 hours later: This is the part where we poured ourselves a glass of wine and ordered a pizza. Nic stopped over to snap some gorgeous photos (Thank you, Nic!), and we took a little time to admire the work we accomplished so far. We can't say enough how rewarding it is to create these custom arrangements for people to enjoy. It truly makes us smile.

Special thanks to our little helper, Brayden.

photos by Nicholas Alexander