ThE Start of 1209


1209 Creative began as a simple thought that soon turned into a trusted business only a year later. The business was founded by Sara Jihan Fassil and Sherry Watkins. The two were best friends at the time, and still are to this very day. In 2015, Sara was working in Public Relations & Marketing for a local Phoenix company, and Sherry was in the midst of being a new mom and establishing herself as a professional makeup artist. The two also worked part time for Sherry’s husband’s catering company, Conceptually Social. It was while working at those catering events that the two saw a need for something more when it came to floral design… something more edgy and modern, yet still romantic and tasteful.

Sara’s heart wasn’t in PR & Marketing, although what she was taught during that time of her career had significantly played a vital part in successfully launching a business of her own, which she is forever grateful for. Sara and Sherry chatted back and forth for about a month about starting the floral business… usually over wine (guilty). Finally, Sherry’s husband, who was probably tired of hearing us have the same conversation over and over again, just turned to us both and said to just do it already! And we did, so the rest is history.


Meaning of 1209


The significance of 1209 and the meaning behind the numbers often gets asked. The LLC of 1209 Creative was actually already purchased a year before the floral design business even came into fruition. While Sara was working her 9-5 job, she knew that something was missing and that she needed to make a change to her career but didn’t know exactly what is was going to be. All she knew is that she wanted to start a business of her own and that it had to be a job filled with creativity. In the meantime, she thought she would come up with a business name and make things official with an LLC and domain. But coming up with a name and identity proved to be harder than she thought since there was such a vague idea of what this said business was even going to be. It makes way more sense to have a business idea first before festering on a name, but she insisted on doing it the other way around and knew a creative business idea would find her. Months passed and Sara was still feeling lost, but there came a night when she was suddenly woke up in the middle of the night with the numbers 1209 running through her head. She was very confused why she would be awaken thinking about by her address numbers, but she went along with it since she had an interest in Numerology and a connection with the number 3. There was a relevance there. During the time of living at 1209 E. Meadowbrook Ave., so much change took place in her life. There were times of feeling lost, and found, and then lost again… a ton of ups and downs… and a lot of growing up. It just felt so right to hold on to 1209. Sara still wasn’t sure what business she was going to start, but it was going to be something creative, hence 1209 Creative.

The LLC and domain were officially purchased. Fast forward to almost a year later when Sherry and Sara were having wine one evening talking about starting a flower business, and then boom… we decided to go for it. Sara already had everything in place and ready to go to start something, so 1209 Creative became a real life thing. There was a point when Sherry had also lived at the 1209 address with Sara, so it all seemed fitting. It finally came together. We had no professional training in floral design, but we had to start somewhere. Things grew, people liked our work, and we were booking the weddings and events we wanted.

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1209 Today


Sara and Sherry had a solid 3 years of working on weddings and events together, and it was so rewarding that a small idea became a legitimate business that they both loved (and still do). There was a point when Sara wanted to expand more outside of Arizona. She is originally from Madison, WI, but lived in Arizona for the last 25 years. During her visits to Madison in 2018, Sara saw an opportunity to bring a piece of 1209 Creative to the Midwest. She started reaching out to wedding vendors she admired in the area, and quickly made new friends in the industry, which led to booking weddings. As time passed, Sara realized that she needed a change and Madison felt like more of a place where she really wanted to live, so she made the difficult decision to move. The great thing about Arizona and Wisconsin is that they have opposite seasons, which allows 1209 Creative to create beautiful weddings year around. While Sara now heads the business in Wisconsin, and Sherry focuses on her makeup career in Phoenix for Mischief Makeup, the two are the best of friends even though the dynamic has changed. This next chapter is the start of an amazing, new beginning!