The Season of Tulips

Tulips are always a popular choice when it comes to Easter. Why is that? Tulips are one of the first flowers to bloom at the start of the Spring season. They even begin to bloom when snow is still on the ground, making it a clear indication that warmer weather is soon to come. The start of Spring and the Easter holiday coincide, hence the popularity and association with this particular flower, along with lilies, daffodils and hyacinth.

The tulip means "new life" and "perfect love."


A tulip's color:


Red: a declaration of true love

Yellow: cheerful thoughts, joy, friendship

Cream: forever love

White: humility, newness, purity

Purple: royalty

Pink: affection, youth, innocence

Orange: energy, enthusiasm, passion

Variegrated: compliment for beautiful eyes

We will over at Williams-Sonoma this Sunday, April 2nd creating Spring-inspired flower arrangements and styling an Easter tablescape perfect for your holiday brunch, lunch or dinner table! Stop in between noon-2pm to say hi to us!! Xo.

photos by Nicolas Alexander