Project Red :: Superstition Mountains

The styling, the model, the makeup + hair... the entire crew involved in this smokin' hot photo shoot did a crazy-amazing job. Although we played a small role in this shoot, it was still so refreshing to create some floral flair outside of our norm. We are so used to creating centerpieces, decorating tables or styling events. We look forward to exploring more of this kind of creativity with our fellow fashion friends.

We couldn't pass up combining our love for fashion + flowers, especially knowing that Thomas Ingersoll was the photographer behind this shoot. I met Thomas through mutual friends a few years ago and modeled for a photography workshop he hosted with a colleague. Since then, we have worked together on a few other photo shoots building up my personal portfolio. He has also worked with some of my favorite Agency Arizona models, and we are all big, big fans of his work and creativity. Thomas is always sharing his knowledge of photography with others, He's such a down-to-earth person and pleasure to work with... and definitely easy on the eyes (just saying). He's an overall true professional at what he does.


Mante, the Creative Director behind this shoot, is probably one of the coolest stylists in Phoenix (sadly soon to leave us for Austin *tear*). Her brain is constantly filled with ideas and inspiration, and it seamlessly translates into her work. We reached out to her last year to work with us on our 1209 holiday shoot, Sweetest Romance. My heart skipped a beat when she agreed to style the shoot... she delivered EXACTLY what we envisioned. We couldn't have pulled the shoot off without her insane eye for style. She has also worked on countless shoots with fellow Agency Arizona models. Mante knows what's up when it comes for creative direction and fashion.

Photography: Thomas Ingersoll ❖ Creative Director: Mante Koliakinaite

Video : Jess Lawrie of The Good Vibe Media ❖  Floral Design: 1209 Creative

Model: Katie Flanigan of The Agency Arizona ❖  Makeup: Linda Wagner ❖ Hair: Sofia Verdugo

Dress: Alejandra Inzunza ❖ Suit: Rare Scarf Vintage