7 Reasons Why Valentine's Day Is Cool

The month of February always brings out a little extra love. We know that people have a love/ hate relationship with Valentine's Day... some think it's solely a commercialized holiday... others have renamed it Singles Awareness Day... idk, maybe it's the red roses + baby's breath combo that really annoys some people (ok, that one we can definitely agree with, no thanks)! But Valentine's Day should be appreciated for what it is. It's a holiday that celebrates love. Now, who can hate on that?! Love should be celebrated everyday... and on Valentine's Day it's simply celebrated a little bit more, which is cool. And yeah, there will always be those people who don't see the relevance in celebrating this really old holiday (think The Middle Ages and Shakespeare era), but oh well! That's their choice. We're all about the celebrating! 

phoenix- scottsdale-wedding-florist
phoenix- scottsdale-wedding-florist
phoenix- scottsdale-wedding-florist
phoenix- scottsdale-wedding-florist

7 Reasons Why Valentine's Day Is Cool


  1. It's a reminder to appreciate what you have. It's a holiday to let others know that you care about them, and also a reminder to you that others care about you. We get caught up in our busy lives and don't always share the love like we should. We are all guilty of this. Hearing "I love you" is a great sentence to hear, right? And if you don't agree, the holiday only lasts for 24 hours and then it's on to the next one. Sweet deal.
  2. It gives you a reason to do something with someone you love... whether you get all dress up to go on a hot date with your man (or lady), or stay in for a movie night with your friends scarfing down cheese pizza topped with extra pineapple + ham + jalapenos, and wine filled to the tippy-top of your glass (both scenarios we could get down with)!
  3. We get to see more of Cupid's tush! There's something about a cute, little booty that puts a smile on our faces.
  4. Presents. We love getting them, but we also love giving them. To us, it's the thought that is behind a gift. Even something as simple as a handwritten note makes for a meaningful gift to give someone you love. And if you attempt writing a poem, well then, you went above and beyond and deserve a big, fat smooch!
  5. It's an excuse for sexy underwear! We're 100% positive that your significant other will appreciate this... guaranteed smooching and more is to be expected. Someone can argue "but ladies, you can wear sexy underwear on any day of the year!" Yeah sure, that may be true, but ask yourself this... how often are you prancing around in your négligée? (Ummmm... that's what we thought). So go buy yourself something pretty for the holiday!
  6. We're on board with all of the sweets and treats! Cupcakes, cookies, fun-size packs candy... bring it on! Just not the weird little heart candies. Never could get into those (especially the pink flavor, eww).
  7. Flowers. Did you think we would forget about them? Oh no, no. There is something about them that brings a smile to our faces and hopefully yours too! They come in so many shapes, sizes, colors; their fragrance and beauty is very much appreciated. There is a flower for everyone... we're sure you have a favorite! A single stem can light up a person's day, which is very cool! Flowers are an amazing gift from nature, and this holiday allows us to share what we truly love so much with others. If you're still looking for a sweet gesture, click --> HERE <-- to give the gift of flowers to someone you love!

"Love is the flower that is never out of season."

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Photos by Nicolas Alexander