7 Reasons Why We Like Working From Home

Where is your studio? Where's your flower shop located? How do we find you?? Hey, where you at???

We'll never tell.

Just kidding.

We get asked those questions a lot. So... where does 1209 Creative do their work? Sherry and I actually work out of our Phoenix homes. We don't have a studio or shop and cannot be pinned on Google maps. We do have plans of someday creating a space open to the public, but for now we are happy and fortunate with where we are currently at with 1209 Creative. There are so many positive reasons why working from home has its benefits for us at this newer stage of our business.

7 Reasons Why We Like Working From Home


  1. No overhead cost for an office. This is a pretty big decision. Yes, I did say that we would like to have a space open to the public, but it is a smart move for our new business to save time and money where we can. We are two busy girls with a lot on our plates, so managing a separate studio or shop would actually put us behind. We like having our ducks in a row as we expand. 
  2. No need to commute. Bumper to bumper, watching people text and drive, the waste of time sitting in the car for an hour or more... eek, no thanks! 
  3. It helps us manage our time. We are in our own spaces where we feel most comfortable. And because of this, we are able to work better, achieve a longer list of tasks and maintain more of a realistic work-life balance.
  4. We can wear whatever we want. We do spend a lot of time outside our homes, but it's nice to feel comfortable on days that we're home catching up on emails or cranking out flower arrangements for an event or wedding. We don't have to worry about people popping in and out while we're in our stretchy pants and t-shirts... or maybe in our undies (no lie, that happens).
  5. Happy Hour is at any hour. Enough said.
  6. Don't have to pay a daycare. This is a pretty big deal with a two year old around. Playing Finding Dory or Zootopia on repeat with a bowl of popcorn and fruit keeps Sherry's little one pretty content. It also allows her to spend time with her son while still being able to get some work done. Being a mother and entrepreneur is not an easy thing, but it's doable! 
  7. It simply makes us happy. We started 1209 Creative a little over a year ago. It's grown so much this past year. Working from our homes has allowed us to accomplish so much within our business, while still being able to focus on other things outside of this. We have learned that it is not easy starting a business of your own, and it takes a lot of time and dedication to grow it. But that's what makes it so rewarding. We are happy and thankful with the pace that we have been growing, and it makes it easier to have everything we need under our roof tops! 



The two of us are both located downtown... we literally live down the street from each other (it's pretty awesome how that worked out)! We may work from home, but we are also always out and about. You can find us over at Be Coffee or The Dressing Room a lot of the time (owned by Sherry's hubby). They're our go-to meeting spots because they have all the goodies! So if you're ever in the area and want to get together, reach out! We love meeting new faces and making friends. 

photos by Nicolas Alexander