Sweetest Romance

It's easy to figure out why the holiday season is one of the most popular times of year to share BIG news. It's when people are surrounded by their families and loved ones... all in one place. So what better time spill the beans and show off that bling?! We always welcome any reason to pop open a bottle of champagne and celebrate! But truth be told, big celebrations are not for everyone. Don't get us wrong, we believe that it's important for friends and family to be included in life's events, but sometimes couples need to celebrate special moments alone, or simply with a few close individuals. Hence the concept behind this photo shoot; it stemmed from creating something playful and intimate... while of course indulging in some sweet treats.


Intimacy is such a good word. In my opinion, there is more to intimacy than just romance and physical attraction, though both still very important. Close, private, dear, comfortable, devoted, interpersonal. Those are all words that define an intimate relationship. Love is not around every corner. It isn't something that you can go looking for. It cannot be forced. It just happens. When, where and with whom is for the universe to know and you to find out. When we find that person we can be ourselves around... that person we tell all our secrets to... that person you would do anything for even if you might not really want to... well, it's pretty darn cool. There's an intimate connection happening with that person that you will never have with anyone else. Weird, huh. These connections are all different. Sometimes unable to be explained. But whatever... they are there, and they are meant to be enjoyed. Embrace intimacy. Savor that time given to you. Simple as that.




Photography: Nicolas Alexander  Videographer: Eddie Manteca  Design + Decor: 1209 Creative

Stylist: Mante Koliakinaite ❖ Clothing: Vida Moulin + Urban Outfitters ❖ H&M: Sherry Newnom

Stationary: Lately Press ❖ Rentals: Prim Rentals  Bakery: Bear & The Honey

Models: Chad Johansson + Bryce Gressley from The Agency Arizona