What Women REALLY Want... for Valentine's Day.

As Valentine's day approaches, some of us start to cringe at the fact that soon all we will see are the main stream baby's breath and red rose combos... *sigh.* Since when is it okay to give your lovely lady something so basic? Studies have shown that women really prefer other flowers than red roses. 

Men are often dummies and take the easy route on Valentine's Day. Sometimes hinting to them what you want isn't always easy. Let's be real, often times we have to be direct and S-P-E-L-L  I-T  O-U-T  for them. But if you're not the direct type, here are a few tips and tricks about letting your sweetheart know what you really want.



1. Subtle signs on social media:

This is an easy one. We ALL have tagged our sweethearts in a post on Instagram or Facebook before. It's easy... with the touch of your finger you can let him know exactly what pretty flowers you're eyeing.  Just find a photo, tag him and say something like, "Wouldn't these look amazing on our coffee table?" If he doesn't know what the flowers are or where to get them, maybe tag him in a photo specifically from a local florists' social media page. Fingers crossed that this will do the trick!

2. The age old 'magazine' trick:

Women have been doing this for decades... we have seen both our mothers and grandmothers use this tactic. We either leave a magazine open to a particular page somewhere we know it will be seen (by his keys, cell phone or on the countertop where he'll pour himself some coffee), or maybe we'll casually flip through the pages next to our sweetheart and hint, point or flat out shove it in his face. But truth-be-told, men can be a little slowwww and don't always pick up on things, so that's when you move to tip #3...

3. Flat out tell his best friend: 

Okay, so this isn't so subtle, but it will work. Men always listen to their buds way more than they listen to us. I know, it's annoying, but it's also the truth. If you happen to be around your guys bestie, tell them directly what you want. They will probably even take what you say to use for their own bae because their in the same position. You can say something like, "I rather [name] not waste his money on red roses this year and get me what I really love... gorgeous peonies!" His buddy probably won't say that you told him because he wants to seem like he knows what he is doing and has all the great ideas. Or maybe he'll say you mentioned that you like purple flowers instead of red. Anything BUT the red. 



As women, we know how to get men to see it our way, it just usually takes a little extra effort. Why except the traditional "blah" of the lazy-man's Valentine's flowers? Let them know what you really want and maybe someday we can change the traditions of this Hallmark Holiday!