Hai + Shawn :: El Chorro Wedding Reception

Sherry and I were so excited to bring our floral love into the gorgeous space of El Chorro for Hai and Shawn's wedding reception! The couple lives in Chicago, but flew into Phoenix to celebrate with friends + family. We were thrilled that they reached out to us to be a part of their special day! The venue, the weather, the people, everything... it was just such a great day.


A huge thanks to Kym Ventola for introducing us to the lovely couple, and for also snapping these snazzy photographs! You are an amazing, talented and sweet person. It really means a lot to have the support of others who are in this industry.

It's important to have a strong community of fellow entrepreneurs who stick together. And being female entrepreneurs, we believe that it is crucial to create an even tighter bond with other female entrepreneurs, whether we have similar job titles or not. Sherry and I are in this industry because we want to express ourselves + be creative + work with our hands + make people smile + and yes, have something to call ours (the same reason why many others have started a business of their own). We want to be surrounded by and work with likeminded individuals. After all, we are who we surround ourselves with! The new friendships and connections we have made so far is extremely heart-warming, and it's all thanks to the doors people have helped opened for us because they see our passion, hard work, genuine talent and love for what we do.