LeDinersaur + Orange Olive Oil Cake

We are who we hang around. Sherry and I find that we surround ourselves with other individuals who are creatives; those who choose to express themselves through their work, through their hobbies, or those who have turned their hobbies into their everyday work. Whether these friends of ours are photographers, hair dressers, makeup artists, calligraphists, gardeners, florists, woodworkers, ceramists, designers of sorts, models, jewelry makers, musicians, car restorers, chefs, bakers and so on... they all have the same thing in common, which is freedom of expression through a form that fills them with true happiness. This leads me into talking about my friend, Olivia. 


Olivia started off baking as a hobby, and it recently has become her full-time job with the launch of LeDinersaur. My eyes light up when I see her freshly baked bread. She went from delivering homemade sandwiches once a week to now 4-5 times a week! You can tell she loves what she does... you can taste it in her food. And the best part about it all is that she lives right across the street from me and spoils us with her goodies. Look her up online or on Instagram and give her delivery service a try!

Yesterday morning, my roomie and I woke up to an orange olive oil cake on my front stoop. Of course, we dug right in and had a few slices to go with our coffee, but made sure to save a little bit so I could play with it too! It was just so cute (upon being tasty), so I had Nic snap some photos with a few gorgeous ranunculus and seeded eucalyptus. It can't get any better than good food + flowers! Thank you my sweet friend for all of your bread and treats... we will forever be your taste testers!


photos by Nicholas Alexander