A Garden Party

What can I say... Sherry and Azure whipped together a truly adorable and special baby shower for Angie and Regan to celebrate their soon-to-be baby boy. Since it's March and insanely beautiful in Phoenix this time of year, the party was hosted on the patio of Ollie Vaughn's. Lindsey really outdid herself with the delicious food from her shop, and the presentation was so lovely.

Of course we had to have an amazing beverage station filled with homemade sangria (ummm, so yummy!), champagne and fresh fruit... not to mention the ice cubes filled with flowers to compliment the dozens of arrangements placed all around the patio. Seriously, flowers in every nook and cranny... can we just have Garden Parties everyday?! We we're lovin' it!

Dessert was provided by A Bake Shop, who made the most charming donuts and macaroons that were wayyyyy too pretty to eat (but we totally ate every last, delicious bite)! The mommies-to-be had a wonderful time with all of their friends and family who attended, and we couldn't be happier for them. It was a beautiful day in so many ways.

photos by Nicolas Alexander